Fixing the broken Chromium Snapshot Monitor

After you’ve installed the Chromium browser, there’s a nice Chromium Snapshot Monitor extension that allows you to check the continuous and snapshot repositories for new versions.  However its broken and it hasn’t had any changes for over a year.

Its only broken because the URLs it checks have changed as pointed out on this page ( – N.B. this link no longer exists, the text of the file is replicated below):

Looking for builds that don't exist anymore?

Some directories have been renamed.

chromium-rel-arm -> Arm
chromium-rel-linux -> Linux
chromium-rel-linux-64 -> Linux_x64
chromium-rel-linux-chromiumos -> Linux_Builder__ChromiumOS_
chromium-rel-mac -> Mac
chromium-rel-xp -> Win

There’s also a couple of other URL changes that have gone on when you look at which URLs this extension uses.

You can fix the extension yourself by modifying the application.js javascript code thats in (on Windows – I guess its similar on Linux)

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Chromium\User Data\Default\

assuming you’re happy looking at minified javascript.  I’ve done a bunch of search and replaces and other slight URL fixes and it seems that I’ve got it working for snapshots but not for continuous versions yet.

You’re welcome to try replacing the installed one with my modified version. You can download it from here.

Hopefully if I get round to fixing the Continuous versions I’ll update this post.

Update: I’ve got an alpha version of the plugin zipped up here. It required a fix to the manifest.json file to allow permission to access the new Continuous server. To install it: unzip the file | open Chromium | go to Tools > Extensions | enable developer mode | click ‘Load Unpacked Extension’ and find the chromium-snapshot-monitor folder you just unzipped.


4 thoughts on “Fixing the broken Chromium Snapshot Monitor

  1. If I paid the $5 i would have put this update on the extension gallery already lol, Do you have the ability to put up the updated extension in the chrome webstore?
    Also If anything Id pull from you and give you the pull request, since I used your .zip as my starting point 🙂


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