Installing Ubuntu on Windows

It really is getting quite easy to install Ubuntu onto a computer from Windows now – especially if you’re not trying to Dual-boot. But if you do want to Dual boot, you’d still do the following but you have to partition your hard-drive first (which is remarkably tricky).

Installall Ubuntu onto a USB stick

UNetbootin is your friend

Here’s the main Ubuntu document:

  1. Plug-in an empty USB stick
  2. Download UNetbootin ( & Install
  3. Run UNetbootin
  4. Distribution: Ubuntu | Type: USB Drive
  5. Click OK – wait for the download and the installation
  6. Either Reboot when asked or click close and remove the USB stick

Install Ubuntu from USB-stick onto your computer

  1. Set the computer to boot via USB, if you don’t know how, search Google for: [Your computer make & model] usb boot
  2. Turn off the computer
  3. Insert the USB stick
  4. Turn on
  5. Click Install Ubuntu

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