Twitter API v1.1 RSS feeds

Twitter have killed of RSS feeds completely in API v1.1. I used to use this nice little website ( to pull out RSS from Twitter, but that alas is broken.

Edit: @tylercal has now updated to handle the new v1.1 API – so if you want to avoid the hassle of installing your own just use his. It produces a nicer feed too with images from tweets displayed ‘n’ all.

Here are the steps I followed to get RSS coming out again at my own site

Google search for ‘twitter to rss’ lead me to the tiny tiny RSS forum ( The awesome user jdelamater99 there has created a PHP application on Github that you can install on your site to convert the twitter output into RSS.

  1. Create a twitter app (
  2. Once created, click on ‘Create my access token’ at the bottom of the ‘Details’ tab
  3. Look in the OAuth tab
  1. Download the Twitter-RSS-Parser from github (

  2. Unzip it and FTP it to your site, note that I renamed the directory to be twitter-rss-parser all lower case. I think github also stick a ‘-master’ on the end of the directory that you don’t want. Obviously you can change this as you like

  3. Copy the config.php-dist file to config.php

  4. Edit the config.php file and modify the following lines to match the OAuth Settings above

$consumer_key = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';
$consumer_secret = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';
$token = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';
$token_secret = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';
  1. Goto the URL you uploaded e.g. to check that it works

5 thoughts on “Twitter API v1.1 RSS feeds

  1. I did all the steps. My application is working when I enter a valid user name in $twit_name in config.php. But I want to use this application for following multiple users (e.g.; by passing the user name by a query string). Is that possible?


  2. Hi,

    I’ve installed the script as instructed in the public_html folder of my site but when I try ?home I see ‘Home Timeline of @my_username but there are no tweets showing.

    I tried also ?screen_name=stephenfry&count=100 but all I get with that is a @blank_username and no tweets.

    I’ve double checked the .config file and that looks fine and other than that I can only think it’s the server I’m using but it does support php so should work.

    Any idea what’s going wrong please?


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